Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Comment and question

When I run any distance less than about 20 miles I only carry a small water bottle with me - with some Shaklee performance in it; 2 fruit leathers, and a cliff bar.

Generally, I don't get dehydrated or that hungry. I tend to drink a lot of water during the week (well try to); and the night before and the morning before, I really eat A LOT. Actually, really the 2 days before, I start upping my calorie intake. Then, after I finish my long run, I eat again, a lot of food.

I am on the fence about a 50k in western, NC (well assuming I get in). And, there is little aid - advice? I am looking at Camelback packpacks - maybe the "CamelBak Octane XC 70 oz Hydration Pack." I do have a camelback - fanny pack, but it is annoying and ride up (I have very narrow hips).

Thoughts??? I know - I need to hang out with more ultra runners - hahaha! to learn


Akshaya said...

When i run a within 10 miles then I need more water.

Sara said...

Or, what about the
Ultimate Direction Wink pack?

David Ray said...

Camelbak and UD both make good packs. The important thing is trying out the pack and seeing how you like it. So get it from someplace that will take returns if you don't like it. Like REI, for one.

Sara said...

Thanks David! I hope to go to REI sometime this weekend and do some trying on.