Sunday, December 6, 2009

Ode to the ups and downs

Today, I went running in Northeast Georgia in a rather flat place. It was a smooth and lovely 12 miles. Grendel ran well on a leash (heavy mountain bike traffic), and I sauntered along behind him. When I finished, I was not that hungry; my legs were not sore, and I was not completely trashed - ah the benefits of the flats. (sometimes this is a nice respite from - see pics to the left - my preferred running grounds in Western NC)


David Ray said...

Flat and Northeast Georgia don't go together. What magical place did you find?

Sara said...

Chicopee Woods - really close to Gainesville -

Check it out:


David Ray said...

I didn't think Chicopee was flat. I've run on the other side on the Elachee trails. But never on the bike trails. Good to know.

Sara said...

Yeah if you stay on the beginner/intermediate trails on the mountain bike side- compared to a lot in NE Georgia, eg Coosa - yeah it is nice and mellow. And, you really can get some significant miles out there