Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Red wine + brewester's ice cream does not equal fast sunday morning running

After an evening of red wine (the fiance made a good dinner) & brewsters ice cream, I thought it would be a good idea for me to meet my friend before 7am to meet others at 7am several miles away.

I woke up drowsy and foggy. A seasoned and experienced morning runner would have set the alarm clock early enough and the coffee timer on. Not me, not the unseasoned and lazy me. I, in my rational morning choices, turned off my alarm. When i finally made enough progress towards meeting my friend before 7am, I barely had enough time to drink any coffee or eat enough food. And, despite my best efforts (of getting up late, taking too long to get dressed or tie my shoes), I was late to meet my friend. So, as a domino effect, we were late to meet the others.

of course, as the morning runners say, it was nice to get an 8 mile run over with so early in the morning... Maybe I will work on a solid morning routine...

High mileage pavement weekend

For me, the uncommitted runner, who will run various lengths and speed according to my feeling then, ran a high mileage weekend (again for me).

I transitioned to the weekend by running for 2 hours on Friday after work. The run began with a slower pace, which was good because it was warm, and Grendel started to slowing down early. The run continued all over Gainesville. Up hills, around corners and through streets. We covered some significant ground, and then were joined by another female friend. After she joined us, our pace increased slightly, followed by Grendel's heavy panting.

Thereafter, I dropped Grendel & 1 friend off, and the other friend and I took again to the streets, but with a quickened step. We covered several more miles and between our own panting we relayed events of the week. [Reminded me of Once a Runner - where the author describes the talking and running quickly]. This increase in pace led to my legs being sore and a smile on my face.

To the new reader - it is important to note that joy was experienced during the Friday after work - workout. This same joy was not found on Sunday morning...

Friday, August 21, 2009

Thunderstorm forced me to run in the same place for 40 minutes

Webster's definitions of a treadmill: (source: http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/treadmill)
1. a device having an endless belt on which an individual walks or runs in place for exercise or physiological testing

I relate to Merriam Webster's second definition:
2 a wearisome or monotonous routine resembling continued activity on a treadmill

(my thoughts on Thursday night before stepping on the treadmill)
I can run on the treadmill for an hour. That will be great; the temperature will be consistent. The treadmill has a nice fan; there are TVs and people to watch. I can run on the treadmill for an hour.

(reality on Thursday night - my thougths will on the treadmill)
This is so boring; this is so boring; I am not going to make it to ten minutes; no really i am not going to make it to twenty minutes; oh my gosh I am going to vomit I am so bored. The TV - is so boring... OH my

Conclusion: I only ran for 40 minutes (it was preceded by 5 minutes & 30 seconds on the weird stairmaster, which loops - so it is scary because I am always worried it will go to fast and i will fall down)... And, it was the LONGEST 40 minutes of my life... No, I did not have headphones... (I have gotten out of the habit of wearing them because I don't like to run with them in when i am outside - safety issue) No, I did not try to read a magazine.

I think next time; I will split the machines up. 30 minutes on one; 30 minutes on another. The monotony was dreadful

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Leave the watch at home

To all of us - who are always, usually, or rarely - held captive by our watches, this article should serve as a message: LEAVE THE WATCH at home!


Inspiring! I will pound the pavement tonight with a quicker stride and try to listen to my body more and less to the constrains of a watch.

Happy evening running!!!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Tricks- please leave suggestions

Must trick myself.

As I have briefly noted before, 2 things (for lack of a better word) I despise are: (1) waking up early to run (2) doing track workouts.

But, I am stubborn; very stubborn and strong - headed and [readers fill in the blanks with another synonym especially if you have been described as such] [imagine i am dropping a footnote here: which I like to think makes me (us) better long distance runners - we are bad at stopping] SO - I have a hard time getting over my strong inner resistance to, for example, a track workout.

Readers have suggested: doing hill repeats (very good one), for example.
I have found that doing track workouts in groups helps - A LOT. but, then it must be scheduled for certain because if folks say "yeah maybe I will be there" - that to my mind = YES, i don't have to go - they really don't want to go - alas - i am free again of the track.

Ha - to the thoughts of the mind.

I will work on the tricks for overcoming my internal resistance - and you readers -please leave suggestions

Taking to the pavement again

I should have gone to the trails, but....

Grendel was not with me; there was a storm coming; I had to backtrack on the highway - so many more excuses came to mind as I left work early and headed towards Gainesville.

So, in the alternative, did I hit the trails at Chicopee close to Gainesville- no again. Rather, I went home and took a good nap (I had changed at work, so I slept in my running clothes) - not one of those drooling on your pillow naps, but a restful and mind clearing over 30 minute nap that was difficult to get up from.

Maybe this nap worked because later that evening I took to the streets of Gainesville for over an hour, and until I was overheated around minute 45 and dehyrdated, the run felt great. There was a breeze (or was I hallucinating), and the streets were quieter, the birds were singing - wait - a fairytale?

Gainesville is moderately hilly, so I enjoyed the rolling hills, but I missed the miles of climbing that I usually enjoy at least 1 time during the week..
Maybe next week I will run out of excuses....

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

2 days and no running

The no-running days are piling up in August.

My daily routine (pre-August). Get up and go to work, and then my long commute brings me back to the low land. During the commute back, I (sometimes) ponder how my evening run is going to be - which course around the streets of Gainesville I will traverse.

However, these past 2 days, this routine has not left the safety of my thoughts. Rather, I have returned home, and as soon as I open the door, the heat engulfs me; it takes away my breath and my walking slows. Being in the car and using my air conditioning (supposedly it is more gas efficient), I forget the heat, and I am reminded when I open my door. This reminder is enough to shake thoughts of pounding on pavement, and thoughts of doing my usually beloved activity is pushed to the back of my mind. Thoughts of other activities, which don't require movement replace them. I could take Gren to the Hall County dog park. OR, stay at home and read. I will run later; I tell myself. I will run when it is cooler. But, later brings tiredness and fullness post-dinner, and darkness.. And, then, before bed, I am left with a feeling of guilt for not exploring my neighborhoods- and wondering what I was doing when I got home from work that was so important that I could not run - even for 30 minutes.

Ode to the long month of August for its heat and shorter days than July. I miss July...

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Amicola - run to the Inn

To all those who have already discovered the Inn at Amicola Falls state park - you must remember the joy of arriving there for the first time.

This weekend, I was excited about an adventure, but hesitant as well. Recently, because of the added stress from planning the wedding, I had not returned to the woods since I had run Coosa at Vogel (only 1 direction - note to GUTS hardcores!), and I was feeling out of shape. In addition, the heat had been impacting my miles and the amount of time I was outside when I had tried to run on pavement. However, as I have posted before, after an hour running to the Inn from the visitor center parking lot, I felt centered and full of gratitude for being back among the sounds and smells of a Georgia forest.

When we arrived at the Inn, I was taken aback by its simplicity, and of course, its coolness (there was a strong breeze when I was resting on the front covered porch). I immediately wanted to book a night to stay there - and, as was noted in my earlier post, in the FALL!

SO, here is the end of summer and time on the beach in the flat land, and a beginning ode to fall and the hills and cool breezes and changing landscape.

(brief aside: I do LOVE the summer for its long nights, time at the beach and a respite from (as much) mountain climbing, but August is painful in Georgia)

Fall brings light into my running slump

This article (and the result of recent wedding venue disasters) = me

After a couple of weeks hiatus from my usual running schedule, I see a light at the end of the tunnel of running slump. At the end, I am surrounded by light and by changing leaves & I have a long sleeve shirt on. My reason for the light - Fall. Already, in the past 2 weeks, I have signed up for 2 trail runs this fall: one in GA and one in Western NC.

They are longer trail runs (well for me - maybe not for the GUTS folks). And, I am excited. I am excited to return to hours in the woods when it is not oppressively hot.