Sunday, January 3, 2010

14 miles - sign of a good 2010

After making it through holiday season (too many dinner parties; too much traveling; too much flat pavement running), I embarked on an adventure with a local friend to see how my legs could stand 14 miles.

I returned to parts of the National Forest that I had avoided during the deer hunting season. I had missed the Forest's opportunity for miles of climbing; single track and unmeasurable views. The hours passed quickly as we climbed, descended and rolled over the various trails. Grendel could run and run, and we could jabber and jabber.

From my late fall (post wedding)/winter running, the miles felt easy and my legs turned over more easily than I remembered. Maybe it was just my absence - or a change in my physiology? To leave analysis, I choose to enjoy the memory of the quick turnover of our legs and easy climbing.

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