Sunday, December 6, 2009

It is forecasted to be a cold & wet winter....

Friday's run was lovely. The air was not too cold around 5pm; the streets we chose were quiet, and there was good conversation. To repeat, most importantly, the temperature was not too cold. I did not have to wear gloves (I did wear a hat), and when I returned home, I was not too cold.

Contrast that description with my Saturday jaunt. Similar to Friday, it was late afternoon when we went, but we still had time for over an hour run. The sun was lower on the horizon; I was wearing gloves, a hat, and layers on the top. Now, as usual, I did not get cold while i was running, but my fingers did (I have that disorder (disease?) where your fingers turn white then a blackish color). I did sweat (what does Les Stroud - Survivorman you sweat you die) - uh oh. When I finished, I thought - I am cold. Really. So, I put on my Mountain Hardwear puff jacket (thank you Frugal Backpacker in Asheville), and we turned on the heat in the car. But, when I got home, realized - I was still cold. So, I began a warm up process: the removal of sweaty running clothes, hot shower, warm food, Patagonia long john's and blanket.

Is this the natural process after a run in the cold? I remember: I ran 2 hours in the snow at over 5000 feet last week while in Western, NC? I enjoyed that, but I think when I stopped running - I, yes, was cold - I have to say I miss the fall 60 degree days.

It is going to be a long winter for me...

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David Ray said...

I'm colder since I lost the extra tonnage. Be sure you're fueled up with adequate calories so you've got something to burn.

I love the hot shower after a cold run. Then food by the fire.