Monday, December 14, 2009

Good GUTS party & low mileage weekend

After a 40 mile week two weeks ago, last week did not provide such success. The stresses were high, and my motivation to run was low. After several not enough sleep nights, I rolled into the weekend exhausted and unmotivated. So, I retreated to the couch. Saturday consisted of morning volunteering, and then some more activity (not running), and then the couch for netflix watch instantly bad movies & popcorn. There, I rested. Then, Sunday I mustered up enough energy to go the gym and run 7 miles on a treadmill. Out of character - but variety is good, right? At least Dirty Jobs was on & an MSNBC special about catching con artists.

Although I will probably not run tonight (need to plan my yoga class), Monday is usually a rest day anyway...

TO end: Great GUTS party on Sunday!!

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