Sunday, April 12, 2009

Back in the saddle?

It has been since last Saturday, since my legs have met the ground with a running stride. I took 4 days off, then started back with Billy Blanks, Basic and then ultimate boot camp on Thursday. During those sessions, I squatted, did many push ups and minutes of jump roping. This cross training can be very ideal for strengthening certain muscles and as a welcome? break from the repetition of running, but for me - it is not a good enough replacement. (The only replacement I enjoy, really, is road biking or spin class). Today, I was nervous when I took my first strides towards the trails. Will my leg hurt again? What if I worsen the strain? (My diagnosis on Wednesday was a mildly torn/strained hamstring)

The distance was probably longer than would have been advised (over 5 miles), but the cadence was slow, and there were some breaks, so Grendel could drink and take a dip. The views were lovely: Dogwoods blooming, and the landscape was painted green (we have had a significant amount of rain).

An hour or so post-run - leg still not sore... Will give another report tomorrow...

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

humbled by those of you would do speed regularly

For the past two Saturdays, I have tested my speed limits and found my body- not responding well. Brief background: for those readers who have not read many of my posts - I prefer long steep climbs up mountains - where you set the cruising speed and you get into stride for a long time. These are my favorite types of runs. With this running, I, mistakenly, thought I had built up the muscles to tackle any feat. My assumption was inaccurate.

Almost 2 weeks ago, I set up my own course, and I raced a 5k in 19:30. I injured my hamstring. There was no pop or immediate pain. The pain was slow and crawled up the back of my leg. Last Saturday, I raced again, but this time the pain was quick and deadly, and I was reduced to a two-step shuffle (fortunately, my first 1.5 miles were very quick, and I was victorious). And, since Saturday, I have not run; i have not had the energy or the desire to run. This injury is taking a significant amount of my reserve and strength. I walked over a mile yesterday, and I finished tired and sore.

I am going to a physical therapist/MD today - I can only hope for good news.

PS - thanks again for the creative speed work tips. After I recover, i WILL implement them!!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

A GA 5K win - BUT

In preparing for the relay I am embarking on with other fellow runners in Gainesville, GA, I have started my weekly 5Ks. This weekend "race" was in Athens, and I was victorious notwithstanding immeasurable pain and a failure to meet my goal time of: 19 minutes (my body had another story for me)

The race started off quickly with a 5:45 first mile; I continued at this pace until 1.5 miles. Then, the pain started. It was not a slow undulation, which peaked and had me bent over. It was deeper and arrived more quickly. A bystander would have noticed that all of a sudden my stride strangely changed from a smooth turnover to being humbled to a two step to try and keep up my fast pace - of course to no avail. Notwithstanding the pain, the slowing of the pace, I still won the race for women (albeit at a time of which I am not too proud).

Another downside, I was supposed to run my favorite trail in NGA with some friends, and I will have to abstain. The trail is very difficult, long and the climbing is arduous - my perfect mix for an ideal running day in the woods. This is my biggest regret -

Lesson learned: schedule races the day after my trail running adventures.