Sunday, January 17, 2010

Quasi-Race Report - Hogpen Hill Climb 17k

In thinking about those who compose long and interesting race reports with photos, etc, I did not think I could title my Post as such. Mine will be short and without pictures.

Hogpen. We arrived early enough for some warming up (although we missed the pre-race meeting), some water gulping and gauging the temperature. We started on a road behind the main road through Helen, and we started our climb.

I was unfamiliar with the course, and had been warned to start out more slowly, and then attack towards the end. So, as I was going,I kept telling myself to "hold, hold." But, then after a couple of miles, I was wondering - what am I holding for? If the hills are to be done in "granny gear," then you don't need a rested body for that - (there sometimes is a point in races where you just cannot pick up those legs)? So, I increased my pace. The beginning 5 miles were nice. The climbs were relatively under control, and you could do some turnover. There was a nice break after mile 5 before the treacherous climbing began. Then, it began, and my mind repeated: keep going; keep going; pump those knees and lift those legs. It was difficult until around mile 9, and then we had a steep break down again. But, to the end - more climbing.

Overall, it was a difficult race - strategy wise - in part - because it was hard to see people that were in front of you - usually in a race, I can pinpoint a person and try to work towards catching them, but here - you really had to do that in beginning and just hold your pace. Next year, I think I will hold onto someone early, and then hope for the best - ha!!

Overall great run! Challenging, challenging and very beautiful!!! I think I ran it in 1:32...I think i did 3rd Overall for women.


Run 100 Miles said...

Hi Sarah - not sure if I have the right person, but if you were the one with the roaming crew, I was pretty much with you from mile 4 until we fought for the finish at the very end... I took the lead with a few yeards to go, but you sucked it back.

Anyway, nice race and good time out there.



Sara said...

Hey, not sure that was me...
yeah good job to you as well! Great race report too. Great pics, etc! And, really thanks for the elevation breakdown/chart. I was wondering about that. I could feel the elevation early on...