Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Sleep, sleep and more sleep

Sleep. Unfortunately, on weekends where I have big runs, I don't sleep well on Friday or Saturday night. Friday night - I have nerves; Saturday night - after a saturday morning race- my body is too worn out, yet too full of adrenaline (still?) to sleep.

When I returned Monday, I still had not crashed from the weekend. Monday night: ran over 3 miles; taught a 1 hr + yoga class; and lifted weights with the husband. Then, I crashed around 10pm. On Tuesday, work was difficult. Each word I typed on the keyboard was the result of much effort and many thoughts of "keep typing don't stop; keep typing." Then there was the hunger. Packing my lunch Tuesday morning, I did not anticipate the hunger that would grab me and pull at my stomach ALL day; the hunger would not let go. not after lunch or after the subsequent snacks. I went home Tuesday after work, and I was still starving. I proceeded to relax on the couch with an oversized bowl of chili & crackers, and I ate and ate until I had to set the bowl down. Then, the tiredness followed the full stomach. Not the tiredness I was used to after eating a large meal; this tired was different; it was debilitating; my head and upper body fell over on the couch to a horizontal position. There I stayed for an hour until I picked up my exhausted limbs and moved slowly to the bed where I proceeded to stay until 7am Wednesday morning. This morning, I am still tired. My mind and body feel rested, yet there is still this slowness to my starting projects (hence my updating my blog) and moving from destination to destination.

I can only hope that this feeling will subside before another double digit run this weekend (though not in Chattanooga - good luck david!!)

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David Ray said...

Thanks! Sometimes you just gotta sleep. Friday I laid my head on my desk at work and snoozed for 30 minutes or so. Hope nobody took pics!