Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Quick week runs

Again - another plug for Born to Run; I really don't want to read it too quickly; each chapter is inspiring. When I read it at night, I become so excited to lace up my shoes (although there is all this research about how better it is for you to not run with shoes) and pound any surface - pavement, trail - anywhere - just to be outside (preferably) and moving. As I blog before, with each step - the stress of work seems farther away. Reading this book, really, has reinforced my love to run. Run - anywhere and anytime.

So, with those thoughts in mind - last night, I only had a moment before the in-laws were coming, so I grabbed Grendel, and we pounded down the leafy driveway until the paved trail and around the neighborhoods. The misty rain kept us cool, and Grendel's energy kept the pace high.

Today, I will pound more pavement, unfortunately without Grendel, but it will be a stress reliever and a focus exercise before I teach yoga tonight.

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