Monday, November 30, 2009

Signed up for the Red top Rumble

Whoo hoo! Signed up for the Red Top Rumble. Sounds fun!!!

Please give feedback on Trail - really hilly?? What other tidbits can yall tell me


David Ray said...

The trail rolls. Nothing too brutal hillwise. Sign up for SweetH2O 50K in April to get the real deal!

I'll be working RedTop with my trusty cowbell.

Sara said...

Sweet. See you there - So the SweetH20 has the good hills?

Thanks for volunteering!!!

Oh I was going ot see where yall were running this weekend, but isn't this weekend the pine mountain?!!

David Ray said...

Some of us will run a bit on Saturday. Not too much with Pine Mtn on Sunday. Probably at Little Mulberry Park in Gwinnett. We'll be discussing it on Facebook.