Thursday, November 12, 2009

Born to Run

To try and not start a stereotypical plug for a book -but Born to Run really has exceeded my expectations.

For example, last night, I got in bed early and was reading and reading this book, and I felt as though I was on the Leadville 100 course witnessing all that was happening (must admit here - my dream is to one day do this race; I LOVE this type of running, but it also frightens me - as my friend Hayley can attest; (I get bad nerves before races)). And, this morning I got out of bed easily before the alarm and kept thinking about how I could just get the day's work done and then - I could run; it did not matter where; it only mattered that there was a place to run and an hour to do it. I really just want to feel each step this afternoon as a thank you for the ability to run -

Really everyone who loves to run & who appreciates the long distance - should read this book.

So, this afternoon, as I often repeat, I will lace up my shoes and head out of the government building towards a rural road where some silence will fill my mind as I clear of the day's stress and burdens.

Ode to running!!


David Ray said...

Great book! Hope you had a great run too!

Jason said...

That is on my to read list! Thanks.

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