Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Really (and repeat)

Really - another unfortunate plug for the book Born to Run - since reading the aforementioned book, my enjoyment of running has increased; my relaxation while running, I know, is evident.

My run last night provides anecdotal evidence of the success of applying lessons from Born to Run. Sunday night I had a difficult time falling asleep (i blame a later than usual consumption of caffeine). I woke up on Monday morning dreading work and tired. Somehow I struggled through the day and really wanted a run despite my tiredness. I left work and went to the town of Demorest, GA for some small town loops. Applying the tricks of the Book (although I did have a pair of trail running shoes - i am not to the barefoot stage yet), I piled on some layers of clothing and started running. Usually, when I run after work, I am tired, stressed, and ready to be done with the run. Last night was different. My shoulders were relaxed; my breathing was consistent and my eyes were open and clear. On hills, I tried keeping my back straighter and moving forward on the balls of my feet as compared to letting my posture fall and just plodding up. I tried smiling more and envisioning the tarahumara running Leadville and laughing and enjoying themselves - this image also helped (even when the little Dachshund tried to bite me). Really, not to repeat myself too often - it was a great run. I finished over 5 miles, and then went and taught yoga, and then to the gym with the Husband.

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