Friday, August 14, 2009

Tricks- please leave suggestions

Must trick myself.

As I have briefly noted before, 2 things (for lack of a better word) I despise are: (1) waking up early to run (2) doing track workouts.

But, I am stubborn; very stubborn and strong - headed and [readers fill in the blanks with another synonym especially if you have been described as such] [imagine i am dropping a footnote here: which I like to think makes me (us) better long distance runners - we are bad at stopping] SO - I have a hard time getting over my strong inner resistance to, for example, a track workout.

Readers have suggested: doing hill repeats (very good one), for example.
I have found that doing track workouts in groups helps - A LOT. but, then it must be scheduled for certain because if folks say "yeah maybe I will be there" - that to my mind = YES, i don't have to go - they really don't want to go - alas - i am free again of the track.

Ha - to the thoughts of the mind.

I will work on the tricks for overcoming my internal resistance - and you readers -please leave suggestions

1 comment:

David Ray said...

"The track is where speed is born."

But you know that. No tricks here, just do it. :)