Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Red wine + brewester's ice cream does not equal fast sunday morning running

After an evening of red wine (the fiance made a good dinner) & brewsters ice cream, I thought it would be a good idea for me to meet my friend before 7am to meet others at 7am several miles away.

I woke up drowsy and foggy. A seasoned and experienced morning runner would have set the alarm clock early enough and the coffee timer on. Not me, not the unseasoned and lazy me. I, in my rational morning choices, turned off my alarm. When i finally made enough progress towards meeting my friend before 7am, I barely had enough time to drink any coffee or eat enough food. And, despite my best efforts (of getting up late, taking too long to get dressed or tie my shoes), I was late to meet my friend. So, as a domino effect, we were late to meet the others.

of course, as the morning runners say, it was nice to get an 8 mile run over with so early in the morning... Maybe I will work on a solid morning routine...

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