Tuesday, August 25, 2009

High mileage pavement weekend

For me, the uncommitted runner, who will run various lengths and speed according to my feeling then, ran a high mileage weekend (again for me).

I transitioned to the weekend by running for 2 hours on Friday after work. The run began with a slower pace, which was good because it was warm, and Grendel started to slowing down early. The run continued all over Gainesville. Up hills, around corners and through streets. We covered some significant ground, and then were joined by another female friend. After she joined us, our pace increased slightly, followed by Grendel's heavy panting.

Thereafter, I dropped Grendel & 1 friend off, and the other friend and I took again to the streets, but with a quickened step. We covered several more miles and between our own panting we relayed events of the week. [Reminded me of Once a Runner - where the author describes the talking and running quickly]. This increase in pace led to my legs being sore and a smile on my face.

To the new reader - it is important to note that joy was experienced during the Friday after work - workout. This same joy was not found on Sunday morning...

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