Friday, August 21, 2009

Thunderstorm forced me to run in the same place for 40 minutes

Webster's definitions of a treadmill: (source:
1. a device having an endless belt on which an individual walks or runs in place for exercise or physiological testing

I relate to Merriam Webster's second definition:
2 a wearisome or monotonous routine resembling continued activity on a treadmill

(my thoughts on Thursday night before stepping on the treadmill)
I can run on the treadmill for an hour. That will be great; the temperature will be consistent. The treadmill has a nice fan; there are TVs and people to watch. I can run on the treadmill for an hour.

(reality on Thursday night - my thougths will on the treadmill)
This is so boring; this is so boring; I am not going to make it to ten minutes; no really i am not going to make it to twenty minutes; oh my gosh I am going to vomit I am so bored. The TV - is so boring... OH my

Conclusion: I only ran for 40 minutes (it was preceded by 5 minutes & 30 seconds on the weird stairmaster, which loops - so it is scary because I am always worried it will go to fast and i will fall down)... And, it was the LONGEST 40 minutes of my life... No, I did not have headphones... (I have gotten out of the habit of wearing them because I don't like to run with them in when i am outside - safety issue) No, I did not try to read a magazine.

I think next time; I will split the machines up. 30 minutes on one; 30 minutes on another. The monotony was dreadful


David Ray said...

Ugh. I do not heart the treadmill. I'll take my chances with the storm.

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Rosemary said...

OH NO - did someone hack into my blog account; i did not write that - darn - PLEASE do not click on the link