Friday, August 14, 2009

Taking to the pavement again

I should have gone to the trails, but....

Grendel was not with me; there was a storm coming; I had to backtrack on the highway - so many more excuses came to mind as I left work early and headed towards Gainesville.

So, in the alternative, did I hit the trails at Chicopee close to Gainesville- no again. Rather, I went home and took a good nap (I had changed at work, so I slept in my running clothes) - not one of those drooling on your pillow naps, but a restful and mind clearing over 30 minute nap that was difficult to get up from.

Maybe this nap worked because later that evening I took to the streets of Gainesville for over an hour, and until I was overheated around minute 45 and dehyrdated, the run felt great. There was a breeze (or was I hallucinating), and the streets were quieter, the birds were singing - wait - a fairytale?

Gainesville is moderately hilly, so I enjoyed the rolling hills, but I missed the miles of climbing that I usually enjoy at least 1 time during the week..
Maybe next week I will run out of excuses....

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