Wednesday, August 12, 2009

2 days and no running

The no-running days are piling up in August.

My daily routine (pre-August). Get up and go to work, and then my long commute brings me back to the low land. During the commute back, I (sometimes) ponder how my evening run is going to be - which course around the streets of Gainesville I will traverse.

However, these past 2 days, this routine has not left the safety of my thoughts. Rather, I have returned home, and as soon as I open the door, the heat engulfs me; it takes away my breath and my walking slows. Being in the car and using my air conditioning (supposedly it is more gas efficient), I forget the heat, and I am reminded when I open my door. This reminder is enough to shake thoughts of pounding on pavement, and thoughts of doing my usually beloved activity is pushed to the back of my mind. Thoughts of other activities, which don't require movement replace them. I could take Gren to the Hall County dog park. OR, stay at home and read. I will run later; I tell myself. I will run when it is cooler. But, later brings tiredness and fullness post-dinner, and darkness.. And, then, before bed, I am left with a feeling of guilt for not exploring my neighborhoods- and wondering what I was doing when I got home from work that was so important that I could not run - even for 30 minutes.

Ode to the long month of August for its heat and shorter days than July. I miss July...


David Ray said...

Today's better! Get out there and run!

Rosemary said...

Haha!! Thanks!!!!