Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Amicola - run to the Inn

To all those who have already discovered the Inn at Amicola Falls state park - you must remember the joy of arriving there for the first time.

This weekend, I was excited about an adventure, but hesitant as well. Recently, because of the added stress from planning the wedding, I had not returned to the woods since I had run Coosa at Vogel (only 1 direction - note to GUTS hardcores!), and I was feeling out of shape. In addition, the heat had been impacting my miles and the amount of time I was outside when I had tried to run on pavement. However, as I have posted before, after an hour running to the Inn from the visitor center parking lot, I felt centered and full of gratitude for being back among the sounds and smells of a Georgia forest.

When we arrived at the Inn, I was taken aback by its simplicity, and of course, its coolness (there was a strong breeze when I was resting on the front covered porch). I immediately wanted to book a night to stay there - and, as was noted in my earlier post, in the FALL!

SO, here is the end of summer and time on the beach in the flat land, and a beginning ode to fall and the hills and cool breezes and changing landscape.

(brief aside: I do LOVE the summer for its long nights, time at the beach and a respite from (as much) mountain climbing, but August is painful in Georgia)


David Ray said...

Is that the Hike Inn? I'm impressed if you ran there in an hour. In August. :)

Rosemary said...

Yes, it is the hike inn - ha! thanks; it was a great run & such a treat when you get the lodge!!