Friday, January 30, 2009

Hoping for a weekend binge -

This week has been filled with the usual after work short distance runs with Grennie intermixed with a mid-week cross-training/body pump class.

This weekend I hoping to do some binge running before the marathon in a month. Yes, after my bout of bronchitis, I am fretting over running this marathon; I think it is going to be painful, long and not as welcome as i would have hoped. My goal for this weekend is to: remind the legs how it feels to run for many miles, again.

On Saturday, I will go to a state park where the land is flat and the scenery more urban than I like, but it will be trails, nonetheless. This flat warmup for the pain filled weekend will be a nice start to the Sunday's hills and into the wild jaunt.

Hopefully, this weekend will give me the strength to proceed with the marathon or the realization that another marathon my have to suffice.

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