Sunday, February 1, 2009

Attempt at weekend binge - can someone define binge?

To start: does 13+ miles one day and 6 miles the next = a binge? I am leaning towards no; however, my legs are trying to "argue the other side." [here is where, if the software would allow me, I would drop a footnote explaining my quote, but lucky for you readers - you are saved from this].

First day was spent running in a north Georgia state park - a favorite 6 mile loop - a couple of times; we mixed in some side trails, said hello to mellow hikers, and tried to keep Grendel from harassing the other law abiding citizens who kept their dogs on a leash. We clocked around 2 hrs of fun, which may sound short this late in the training session to Mr. Higdon; however, my recent (is it still?) bout with bronchitis and the flu has kept my mileage lower and shorter than ideal.

Second day was spent only with grendel as my companion on Curahee Mtn. I have not been there in a while, and it was lovely, as usual. The sun was high; it was quiet (ie there were no gun shots), and the mountain was steep. My only complaint was that there were too many cars - but the rock climbers have to reach their summit first by car, right? [here I would drop another footnote explaining this passage because I was a loyal rock climber for many years before returning to the South]. This second day, my legs were tireder, and the mountain felt steeper than it had in a while. Usually, on this mountain, I will set the legs into cruise and slowly sail up. However, today, they felt heavy and unresponsive. I guess the lack of nap and too much post-run activity on Saturday did not help the healing process.

So, what is the verdict - did I attain the "binge" goal, or do I have many more miles to go ("before I sleep")?


patsbrother said...

(Imagine a Wiscansin accent saying:) Now argue against yourself, Mees Dykes.

Hayley said...

I think that you reached binge status this weekend!