Wednesday, January 28, 2009

External Events

I re-read some of my previous posts, and I wonder where all that strength has gone on days when my legs feel like lead. And, then a flash of light will shine, and I will remember the last four days and "Ah" no wonder I am so exhausted.

This weekend I bought a very used - but well loved - Honda Station wagon. But, as many can attest, the process of purchasing a used car is littered with many hours spent obsessing, researching, talking, obsessing, and more talking. I spent many hours on the computer reading, Kelley blue book site, and many others; i sent many emails and discussed intimate details about cars on the phone with strangers. (hopefully this lengthy illustration where my mind has been since last Thursday). All this energy and time has, surprisingly to me, affected my running, including my desire to run.

For example: I have a favorite route in Greenville. It begins on Pelham Road, and it does a large loop on black's road and up a long hill and back to Pelham. I love the undulations of the roads, the silence on certain sections, and probably most importantly, the familiarity; however, when i ran my favorite loop this weekend, all I could think about was when it was going to be done so i could return to my chair in front of my parent's desk top and keep researching. I was officially obsessed. And, it was devouring my energy.

The contrast was especially noticed on Tuesday when I returned to north Georgia, and I took Grendel out for our neighborhood loop, and my feet felt lighter, and my stride more relaxed.

Lamentation: times when the days are too long and the thoughts are silent.

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