Sunday, January 4, 2009

New Runnning Gear - Yay for Holiday! + disclaimer

I have been stuck in the last century with my running gear since I can remember. My shirts are too big or too small; they ride up; my shorts ride up; overall the clothes never fit correctly; they rub; they annoy me, and they never help enough to battle the heat or the cold, and they don't have pockets!

This Holiday I received: long & short shirts of various materials & a running skirt! And, many of the shirts and the running skirt have pockets. I have run in these clothes several times, and I am ecstatic. SUCH a difference these clothes make!! I had no idea.

Disclaimer: NOW, I am not saying that new fancy gear is a necessity. One beautiful thing about running is that most of us only require running shoes + some clothes + a place to run - that is what i have always loved about running - the simplicity. My reflection is: for some of us - these running clothes only add to the enjoyment; they are not a necessity.


Robert said...

I'm with ya on new gear. I have only been running for a little over a year, but I got some running tights and compression shirts this year and they are great and make a big difference for me.

Anonymous said...

hey you know, last year oh wait we rolled over in 2007 I mean, I made the management decision to upgrade all my running shorts to the newfangled type with a zipper in the back. There is just no going back.

Rosemary said...

oh man!! haha! thanks for the comments. I do have to say the pockets are my favorite! It really still amazes me how much this stuff really does make a difference!