Thursday, January 15, 2009

Longer days - sign of warmer weather coming?

Usually, when I notice that the days have lengthened, this awareness is accompanied with a brush of warmer weather. Not this weekend. Up here in North Georgia, we are predicted to have record cold temperatures. Notwithstanding these temperatures, this weekend and in the evenings, I will be enjoying the extra amount of light added to the day; I always welcome this event.

This week has proved to be a relief after weeks of battling bronchitis, and I feel as though my step has lightened. Was the break good for me? Did my body welcome the many more minutes spent horizontally? No matter the reason, this week has been filled with good runs. Even yesterday, the day of dreaded cross-training, I smiled while lifting weights and doing the hated sit-ups.

Today, I fell back into the old pattern of squeezing a run in after work; this road-run consists of a long hill and then a quick swoop around our neighborhood with the beloved Grendel. These 30 minutes, although too short for Hal Higdon's standard, provide for of a long exhale and re-introduction of oxygen to the body after a day of tense reading.

This weekend I hope to make up some of the lost aerobic capacity and strength to my legs by returning to some old stomping grounds in the National Forest.

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