Monday, January 5, 2009

Diagnosis - bronchitis - PLEASE RUN AN EXTRA MILE FOR ME

Bronchitis. I sat there in the examining room - stunned and I stared at the doctor. I have not ever had bronchitis before. I started pelting him with questions - How did he know i had bronchitis? What are the symptoms? What about my constant sweating - is that a symptom of bronchitis? He just listened to my lungs! Is that enough evidence? I did not have a fever (anymore). My pulse had stopped racing - Was he sure??

But, ultimately, I gave in and have now ingested my first round of antibiotics, but at least I am cleared for my hike on Sat. Hopefully, I can start MY 2009 run off next week.

Cheers to all you out there running. PLEASE RUN AN EXTRA MILE FOR ME


Robert said...

Get better soon! Take all your meds so you don't get a rebound case of it!

Robert said...

I thought bronchitis doesn't require anti biotics.