Saturday, January 10, 2009

Returning to training

Finished the antibiotics; tried to go bed early all week - healed - probably not...

But, today, I went out with the fiance, and we hiked Currahee before the rain started. It was a cool morning with good visibility, and notwithstanding several cars and a scare with grendel when he chased a fox into its den, it was a lovely hike. My legs and lungs have not felt this weak in a while, but they took the climbing in stride.

Tomorrow, I will attempt the run/walk strategy on some trails. From today's hike, it is apparent that it will be a slow return to the 16 mile victory i was celebrating less than 3 weeks ago, but it is just enjoyable to be back in the mountains.

See you for Greenville 5k in a couple of weeks!!


patsbrother said...

Darn it all, you are so much faster than I am! My personal best (at least from this late stage of life) is 2 miles in under 17 minutes. You make me feel like gelatinous lard-mold, flopping down the road!

(I also thought your half-marathon time was your marathon time. I was about to shoot something, and I don't even own a gun!)

Rosemary said...

oh My!! but, i do love the description, albeit inaccurate.

i had some fast times in my life, yes... haha