Saturday, January 30, 2010

Dawson forest

After roaming around Hall County with the husband, I finally, at 3pmish, felt ready to do some running. (my legs had been sore since Thursday after a good mileage week and some hill repeats). I opted to meet fellow runners and some GUTS members at Dawson Forest outside of Dawsonville. - off 400

The weather was warmer, and there was little precipitation. I arrived late and missed the 3pm group, so I was only able to run 1 lap. When they did arrive, we took off. the chatting, much to my surprise began immediately. Everyone was friendly and we shared stories of trails run - ultra & marathons - our injuries and employment. I think it was about 5.5 miles. The course was a typical georgia state park trail: muddy, rocky and had some good climbs. not too much elevation gain or lost; consistent. Enjoyable.

A good reminder of why I love trail running - can finally share what many people view as not normal or they shake their heads in bewilderment when you tell them what you did last weekend. Good company today. Hope Jon meets his goal!

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