Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Coosa + Bear Hair Gap + Extra = Happy

To all those who are unfamiliar with running in GA (here I would drop a footnote about my limited exposure, but..., as we would say, in our memos to judges - sufficient experience) Vogel State Park contains some of the best trail running - especially the Coosa trail - over 13 miles & over 4000 feet of elevation change, and the views are amazing; the climbs tear your quads, and rolling hills for recovery. Every time I run this trail, it is a different and enjoyable experience.

So with that background, we headed up on Sunday for a day in Vogel. We were well rewarded by snow on the ground; strong sunlight and perfect temperatures for 4+ hours playing on the trails. First, we did coosa, then we dropped off Grendel, so as to not ruin his joints, and then I headed over and did Bear Gap. Another great trail with good climbing. Also, cannot forget to add the approaches + the parts where wrong turns were taken, etc.. What resulted: 4+ hours of greatness.

This weekend is the Red Top Rumble - hope my training will have paid off!!!

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