Sunday, January 24, 2010


Although I am sure I am not the first person to use this term, it describes the activity well. For most, I deduce, it includes rather flat and rolling terrain where the leg turnover is high, and the rate of stopping is low. This description is in contrast to the type of running I usually enjoy. Usually, I prefer climbing, climbing and more climbing with breaks, and on trails.

On Saturday, I opted for camaraderie with others who were pavementing down in Flowery Branch as opposed to solitary running in the woods. We started with laps around a parking lot to warm up and to wait for others, and then we set off. I have to admit - it was enjoyable. We spent the next 2+ hours running a loop of about 6 miles. It had some rollling hills, but mostly it was flat. We kept our pace quick, yet there was plenty of conversation. We had the company of middle and high schoolers who filled me in on the latest video games and cool movies. I ended up meeting some nice women with whom I finished running. We started the finishing miles slowly, and then ended the last 2 miles with a quick pace. My legs were thankful to be done and hoped for trails soon.

Overall, an enjoyable and relatively high mileage day. Although I was supposed to do 20 miles one day, I ran 16 on Saturday, and have run 5 today, so I guess I did my goal - just in 2 days? Although as I have mentioned before, my miles have been greater this go-around - I still need to get a 20 miler somewhere - next weekend, next weekend!

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