Sunday, January 10, 2010

Snow brings lovely winter runs

On Thursday, I ran for a couple of hours while it snowed and snowed. I did not realize how much I missed the snow until I was out in the silence with snow resting on my eye lashes as Grendel and I floated along the pavement trying not to slip. Peaceful, methodical and calm described the type of running. There was no use to hurry around the streets - the conditions did not ask for a quick gaunt. The conditions required of me and my companion a certain patience; to breathe slowly, trek lightly and watch as each different snow flake rested someplace new. I tried to hold it all in; each immeasurable moment of this infrequent experience.

Fortunately, the snow remained, and on Saturday, we went to Chicopee woods to run for a double-digit morning. To our delight, the snow remained! The trails were not icy; only covered in a nice layer of snow, which covered the leaves and smoothed the trails. This provided for a lovely couple of hours floating, again, over the rolling trails. My only complaint was a dry hacking cough that would intermittently arise, but, overall, the pace was fast, and our legs felt fresh and light.

Two great runs - I have the snow to thank

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