Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Bucket list - trail - ultras and marathons

Still trying to compile - a list of races for this year:

What is your bucket lists of races, i.e., are there races that someone MUST do! eg ultras; trail runs?

Please leave a comment of your must do race.
(someone left a comment about Western States)


Anonymous said...

I like to run the Myrtle Beach Marathon in February. The flu knocked me out of it this year though. It's a good flat course, usually a good temp, and it gives you something to train for during the winter.

Sara said...

Great thanks!! I always need an excuse to go the beach!

imtheguz said...

Ran the Salem Lakes 30k last Sept and loved it. It's a trail in that is is dirt, but it's relatively flat. Nice run around the lake. (There's a 50k there in Jan - the Frosty 50k). I'm considering my 1st 50k in June at the Chattooga 50k ( even though I hate the heat and haven't run over 38 miles in a week before (but I will). Still PR'd in Charlotte Marathon in Dec (3:53) and running Myrtle for the 1st time coming up.

Anonymous said...

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