Friday, January 22, 2010

A training plan & keeping up the motivation

This blog was intended as an expression of the frustration and rewards of training for the marathon, and to assist when I lose motivation. Then, after I so enjoyed my marathon, I decided to keep blogging about my running experiences and reach out to others who enjoy long distances. Now, i am looking forward to running my first ultra - hopefully the New River 50k.
My second marathon will be the Mt. Mitchell Marathon in Black Mountain, NC (where I got married in sept!!), and for the first time, I am really trying to follow a training plan for the marathon. (last year, I got sick in the middle, and gave up and just tried to run miles).
For example - trying to run double digit runs back to back. And, one pretty long run during the week. Some weeks are great, and I am really close to the 50 mile a week, but some weeks, I am too tired from work, etc etc. For as much as I love to run, it is difficult to stay on schedule, week after week. Training for a marathon, ultra - takes up significant time, and sometimes I really just want to sit on the couch with my hubby & Grendel. Or, read a book (from my stack of unread books). Or, any alternative but go to the woods.

Ode - to trail running and the mountains/ frustration for the hours out pounding mile after mile

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