Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Track, again

The Lanier Running Club meets at the track every tuesday night in June for some friendly competition. I have a difficult time with the competition part. The track is my newly discovered nemesis. Although when I was younger, I would use it for strength and speed, now I dread each step around the circle.

Notwithstanding the paragraph of complaint, my experience with a group of people laughing and trying to achieve a pace or PRs has been enjoyable.

The club has an event in each distance: 100, 200, 400, etc (not necessarily in that order). My goal, as a self-proclaimed distance runner, is to run all the events. So, what has resulted, is by the time the "distance" event (3000 meters) arrives, I am too tired to compete, so I run it as a quasi-cool down(if I feel better around the last lap or before, I will speed up). However, I know that this amount of running on the track must help my anaerobic threshold and will help me attack my favorite hills. Another alternative I explore while doing all the events is if I run 1 event quickly (for me), then I will try and pace the other events to remind my legs how to race in the longer races i enjoy.

I will, undoubtedly, miss the June weekly sessions...

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