Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Summer has arrived, so we went to the track

A local running club has started all comers track meets on Tuesday evenings. This was a surprisingly enjoyable evening considering...

Summer has officially begun in Georgia - last night was sweltering. A small group (mostly kids under eighteen) gathered at the track to "compete" or pace or whatever - (comradery was a factor). There were many events: from the 100 to the 3200. I tried to do all of them to maximize the detested track workout (I really avoid any type of track workout); however, last night it was enjoyable.

Because most of my running is on trails or up any type of hill, mtn, etc - this was a nice change. The distances were quick (although my times were nothing to brag about), and there were people cheering and fast children to watch and everyone was overheated and a little dizzy, but there were only smiles.

This is a weekly event and my attendance will be probably perfect.

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