Sunday, June 21, 2009

Ten miles of therapy

Always, it seems, when I begin a long run, my arms are tight, my muscles are tight, and I often develop a minor stomachache. Today, was no exception.

Brief overview of week: after a grueling week at work, my runs in the afternoon were less than ideal. Tuesday's run, for example, was supposed to be over an hour with several long arduous climbs - an unwind from the grind. The first climb was solid; my legs locked in an admirable pace, and I put my head down, and I climbed. The next miles were solid; increasing my pace, I held onto the feeling of strength. However, my last climb was cut short by exhaustion and restlessness (the irony is i come to the woods to get rid of the sitting at a desk restlessness), and I turned off from the hills' crest to another trail, which gently led me down to the car.

Today, I was able to change this week's theme of tiredness. My run today started out slow with the usual stomachache and clenched fists. It took over 6 miles and some good climbing before I was able to relax. Is this an indication of the weeks I have had recently? I surmise - affirmatively. As the work has piled on and deadlines loom, my desire to run has decreased. This is unfortunate for me, who is dependent on several long runs for a restoration of sanity.

Reflection is good - this week ends on a high note with a 10+ run with Grendel in NGA. Hopefully, it is a sign that next week will be better than the last; however, with a mandated extra, extra early start tomorrow, my luck may not hold.

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