Tuesday, June 2, 2009

PS- that race is why I did not run Sat morning

Unfortunately, i signed up for the Rock2Rock race before the Xterra series was announced - I had planned to come down to Greenville on Saturday morning to run the Xterra 15k, but the race was so hard on Friday night that I could not make it down to Greenville.

Alternative - ran the 10 miler Sunset Stampede in Asheville... Pavement and relatively more mellow climbing (although it was still 4 miles up). My lungs cooperated and my legs cooperated - placed 7th for women; 3rd in my age group 30-39!

But, this week my legs are unusable; my quads have not ever felt so sore. I am hobbling around and walking up and down stairs and down hills is not enjoyable. so what i am doing to ease into running - going to an open track event. Ha! Lets see how the legs respond. It will be some slow track runs

BUT, i have put the August and November races on my calendar; those will not be missed.

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