Monday, November 24, 2008

Lift; crunch. Lift;crunch. repeat. repeat; only 50 more

Lift; crunch. Lift;crunch. repeat. repeat; only 50 more.

This post is a support writing for all those (such as myself) who hate stomach crunches (or some other form of repetitive focused activity such as weight lifting); who dread walking into an aerobics (or some variation thereof) and hearing that the last 10 minutes of class will be devoted to abs (or just hate doing anything besides running, but if I could drop a footnote here - I LOVE spin class; such a challenge). I have tried my whole life to enjoy doing ab exercises. I think I once even took a class devoted to abs. Needless to say, at the end of the class, I went on a long run to relax.

Notwithstanding the strong emotion tied to doing repetitive focused activities such as crunches, on Monday or Wednesday nights, I target the areas that running cannot - such as the abs, the triceps. In these classes, my activities usually resonate between being bored and watching the clock obsessively. So, you, the careful and detailed reader - may wonder - why do I keep going back to these dreaded activities. Well, I can only answer you this - concern for the loss of muscle to the areas above my waist? Or, just plain need for variety? (the last educated guess is automatically stricken based on the fact that I have been running for 15+ years; my arguments for need for variety are squashed by my obvious daily running routine).

With my recognition of the benefits of cross-training and having a strong core (thanks - FIRST training) - I will concede to keeping my weekly workouts consisting of ab and other workouts, which I will do for the overall benefit of my body.

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