Friday, November 7, 2008

Tomorrow's enjoyment will be the pancakes!!

Tomorrow morning I will run the Paris Mountain Trail Run.

When I lived in Greenville, Paris Mountain was a weekly destination. I loved running the Sulphur Springs trail and especially attempting the large hill up to the highest parking lot. Moreover, since moving to Demorest, I have committed myself to running a marathon up a Mt. Mitchell- so shouldn't the combination of these two factors, my knowledge of the course and my training schedule, prepare me for a PR (of sorts)? Unfortunately not. Since I was sick two (or more) weeks ago, again, my desire for my longer and hillier runs has not refueled. Perhaps tomorrow's less than ideal performance will convince me to tackle my favorite hills here (again)...

Of course, notwithstanding a less than ideal performance, the pancakes will taste most delicious.

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