Thursday, November 13, 2008

Time Change - switching a comfortable running schedule

As you all may have noticed, the days are now very short. This event has greatly impacted my running schedule. I no longer can leave work at my leisure and start my running routine. Now, I must quickly finish work, throw on my running shoes and leave out the door and (usually) run wherever I am working that day (I travel my circuit as a law clerk). I run pavement; daily runs on pavement. The pavement used to welcome me when I lived in Athens and Greenville, but since I have moved to this rural area, I have started to enjoy the trails. Now my trail adventures are limited to the weekend.

So, the meticulous reader could ask - why don't you wake early in the morning and run before work - go the trails? To this I will answer: I do not enjoy anything (except for sleeping) before 10:00am. Brief aside: when I lived in Greenville, I would wake before work and run around my neighborhood off of Pelham Road, but it was one of the most dreaded times of the day. I tried to change my schedule to accommodate this early morning activity; I would go to bed before 9:00pm; drink green tea to wake me up; have some food before running; lay out my running clothes; any method to trick my body into waking up (enjoy the morning silence; the lovely clean morning air), but my body was not convinced. So, since that attempt, which lasted over a year, there have been other quasi-attempts at running in the morning. With this rambling, I will conclude and wonder - how will I reach my level of required mileage when I cannot run before work? I can only curse my unfortunate genetic make up.

Notwithstanding the earlier conviction, I (again) have vowed to start next week with waking up 1 morning a week to run; to relieve the stress I feel trying to leave work early to run. Cheers to early morning unhappiness! (I applaud the morning runners; please send me some of your talent and motivation)


Anonymous said...

There is no talent for getting up early and running. Its a disease. :)

The important thing is that you find something that work for you and it is not like you aren't winning stuff. I clearly recall your name from the trail run.

Rosemary said...

Ha! Well, I have to say I envy this disease; the days keep getting shorter and shorter. Someday - maybe I will be lucky!

Anonymous said...

ok so we could try some cross contamination.. I can transmit the get up early thing you can get me the run faster and long thing :)

Rosemary said...

OK deal - now you just work on the physics, and I am game!

Anonymous said...

hmm proximity is of the essence I believe.. don't even think we need a Heisenberg compensator :)