Monday, November 24, 2008

Looking forward to a (possible) paris mtn training run

(this post assumes a training run for Paris Mtn on Sat)
To all those who plan on being there on Sat to run a training run up Paris Mtn (via the road) - we will have an enjoyable couple of hours. The weather will be cool (hopefully not the sub-freezing temps we have had up here in NGA), and the traffic will be less (b/c of holiday - or wait does that cut against my argument?). But, in sum, it will provide us a nice way to pound out too much wine or turkey.

I hope to sneak in a pre-thanksgiving dinner run (we usually eat later) to expand my appetite, but Friday will probably be a rest and relax day after the intoxicating and sedating mix of turkey and wine from Thanksgiving.

So, cheers to us all for giving up a morning with family and loved ones for the unrelenting cold black road with a hint of exhaust!

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