Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Pain Lessening & Pain Lessons

Marathon training has reiterated so many lessons:
1. Don't wear shoes that do not fit correctly on a long run - you will be in PAIN
2. If you are in pain from shoes that fit incorrectly, ice your legs the day of! -->
3. Take an anti-inflammatory after you run (while icing your knees)
(There are other lessons - but I know you smart readers do not need to be reminded of them - Me on the other hand, I am a slow learner)

Today, my legs have finally recovered after yesterday's torture and stiffness. I am angry because I wore some bad shoes on Saturday, and since then, my knees have felt swollen and sore; my hamstrings too tight (yet I still ran 10+ on trails on Sunday). Yesterday, while working, if I was sitting on a leg, and then I tried to stand up, my leg was too stiff and it became stuck in a bend and took at least 30 seconds (if not more) to unbend.

Needless to say, I need new shoes before the epic adventure in < 2 weeks

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