Wednesday, February 18, 2009

quasi-grateful to the marathon

Training for this marathon (my first) has been an arduous and laborious task. Each weekend has been filled with hours on my feet. The nights before filled with much eating and little drinking. During the week, my mind is consumed presently (and into the future) with thoughts about when I am going to run, where and for how long. And, of course - each day - is it a rest or a run day (usually the latter)? From all the aforementioned statements, one can deduce that the marathon training has consumed my life and my thoughts. This conclusion is accurate. Then, accordingly, one could conclude that there may be resentment for this loss of freedom and choice. Again, this conclusion is accurate, but with footnotes. I will drop them below.

A brief ode to the marathon:
I have learned to love being on my feet for 2 days in a row for 2 hrs at a time. (This allows for much needed woods sight seeing). I have learned to consume alcohol in more moderation, but food in more extreme. (gorge the night before with anything and everything - from pasta to brownies and ice cream). I have learned the enjoyment of getting into really, really, really good shape to where I can slide up a mountain side and then stop at the top and enjoy the scenery without wondering if my legs and lungs were going to explode.

Ah to the marathon - in a week and 1/2 I may return to resentment, but - one can reminisce.

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