Monday, February 16, 2009

ambivalence lessening

Since the holiday sickness, I have become more ambivalent towards the marathon. The drive to fill my weekends with long runs declined.

This weekend provided a much needed change. (well the 18 miles in Asheville the weekend before really was the much needed change, but that was accompanied by the feeling of not being to breathe on top of several ridges; this weekend was less painful)

On Saturday, I started with some runners at Fleet feet, but their pace quickly sped up, and mine did not, so I broke off from the group to run the remaining 9 miles by myself. I headed towards North Main Street and some hills. The hills were rolling, the sidewalks were confusing, but the lack of cars was welcoming. When North Main ended, I contemplated running to Paris Mountain, but my lack of supplies and time crunch prevented this adventure. Instead, I headed around town, through Cleveland Park and around the Augusta Road area before finishing with 2 hours on my watch.

Sunday was supposed to be a recovery run, but ended up as very much enjoyable 10 mile adventure through the national forest. My legs started cramped and tired, but as the miles continued they loosened up and enjoyed the climbing.

As the marathon countdown begins, I have realized that I do enjoy running the 20+ mile weekends... Not sure if I enjoy the days over 15 miles still..

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