Sunday, February 21, 2010

A little burnout = a good mileage weekend around the town

To all those who feel tired and burned out on a weekend - what are your remedies?

Fortunately, for me, one of my remedies is sunshine. When the weather is nice, I feel compelled to be outside. Outside lounging around; outside running with friends - just outside. And, the combination of the weather + avoidance of doing work on the weekends = running. This was the background for 2 great, great days of running!

On Saturday, about mid-afternoon, before the parents arrived and when the husband started playing video games, I knew it was time for some pounding on the pavement. I laced up my Montrail Masochists and headed out. The first 5 miles I had Grendel, but he overheated quickly, so I returned him to finish the final 4. Most of the miles were fast. Pavement does that to me; it makes me want to run fast - ie to have a quick clip and move. Move across the street, around people in the park, and to dodge other obstacles. So, Saturday under blue skies I coasted to two laps to = 9 miles.

Sunday had a similar weather background except this time I had human company for the first section of the run. My friend and I met at Chicopee woods, and we did a mellow 7.5 (approx). Grendel did accompany this run. Again, he tired quickly (from the heat?), but I was rejuvenated. When Grendel and I returned to town, I, by myself, took off around town. Again, my pace was quick. I almost stopped after another 5 miles, but, again, the sunshine held onto me, and I squeezed another mile for a total of 13.5 miles.

As my training has progressed, when I start running - the miles come more quickly. One current observation - sometimes it is harder to get out the door... Ah burnout/tiredness. Good reason to have friends who run - to motivate you!

Happy Sunshine for those of us in Georgia.


jenn said...

great post! glad you enjoyed some warm weather!! and got some good runs in this past weekend!I see you are running black mtn marathon this coming weekend!! ( ME TOO!! YAY!!) Good luck and be prepared for some deep snow!! :o) take care and safe travels to NC!!


Sara said...

Thanks, Thanks!! Oh wow - so glad you are running this marathon too. yeah - going to be interesting with the snow - probably slow going, but beautiful.

Thanks again! I will look for you!!

Anonymous said...


UltraBrad said...

Congrats on your 3rd place female Black Mountain Marathon result! Great job!