Friday, October 2, 2009

Transition back to running

To anyone who has ever planned a wedding without a wedding planner & on a low budget - you will have empathy.

The last month before the wedding was spent deep in planning with my mother; my amount of stress increased; my amount of quality sleep decreased, and, consequently, my mileage decreased, and decreased and finally leveled off to 0 by last Thursday (before the wedding)

We had our wedding weekend; it was amazing; so much good food & drink & supportive friends and family - the weekend surpassed any expectations I had. But, after the wedding, as before the wedding, sickness came over me, and I have not run since last Wednesday! I think this is one of the longer stretches I have had without running. The lapse has not been without effort to run.

On Tuesday, of this week, for example, the weather was beautiful; cool breeze; bright and cloudless skies, yet I was so exhausted, the thought of even running a mile resulted in nausea. This pattern continued, which I tried to prevent by going to sleep extra early, but to no avail. Finally, last night - I took a good walk with Grendel, and I think I tried to run for about 200 yards; I achieved my goal, and I think I am ready to re-enter the world of running.

This weekend I will hit trails on sunday, but they will be slow, and I will, uncharacteristically, try to avoid the hills

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David Ray said...

Well, that's not good. Hope you're all better for Sunday's run.