Tuesday, October 6, 2009

running in the double digits again

Now that wedding planning is over, I can divert that energy into running in preparation for my 18 mile run (not race), which will include about 4000 feet in elevation change. And, perfect timing too - because fall has slowly and bedgrudingly arrived in Northeast Georgia.

On Sunday, we drove up to the National Forest in Northeast Georgia to run some hills & go over the double digit mark for mileage. I, being very out of shape, suffered along up the hills, but fortunately, I had slept a LOT this weekend, so I could run with my friend on the downhill & flat parts. We ran up and down the trails stopping so grendel could get water and dip his feet in streams.

Overall, it was a lovely return to trail running and being out running for over an hour. The return was welcome & future weekend adventures are events to look forward to.

Happy FALL

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David Ray said...

I'm looking for the "like" button to hit. Too much Facebook.

Welcome back to double digits! Nice time for it.