Friday, September 18, 2009

Looking forward to some days off

A week from tomorrow I will be a betrothed woman. I will wear the rings and be committed. To celebrate, i am taking off a week to plan, be busy & get my nails done (already done the hair). And, I will have more time to run & Grendel will be with me.

I will spend most of the week before the wedding in Greenville, SC, which is one of my favorite cities in which to run. The roads are hilly; there is an awesome state park, and you can take off any in any direction (in several parts of town) and find a challenging 10 mile + route where you can browse the soft houses and large trees. I miss my long runs there.

But, today, I will still be in Gainesville, so I will have my usual long pavement day, which begins with the friend & chatter. After she leaves, I will take off again to really help me relax for the weekend, so I can rest tomorrow and be prepared for a long trail run on Sunday.

I like the weekends...

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David Ray said...

Congratulations on getting married! Have a great week in Greenville.