Thursday, September 17, 2009

Getting back into the "run" of things

Keeping in optimal trail running shape has been difficult this summer notwithstanding the usual longer nights.

My weeks are full of pavement; I am getting married in a week (lots of stress there); i caught a flu bug (no i am not sure if it was H1N1; i got better quickly), and I stopped running for a while. Now, I feel out of shape, and I have a gnarly 18 miler north of Asheville to finish (maybe) in November (the weekend after my birthday). I will need to step up the miles on the weekends.

Fridays I enjoy long runs with other Gainesvillians - again on pavement, but the comraderies is enjoyable; people are out walking in the park, and we chatter chatter. But, I sometimes will be out running for around 2 hours if I can... Saturday I rest, and Sunday I hit the hills.

Slow recovery; slow recovery -

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Rosemary said...

But, I can be persuaded to run on Saturdays!