Sunday, April 12, 2009

Back in the saddle?

It has been since last Saturday, since my legs have met the ground with a running stride. I took 4 days off, then started back with Billy Blanks, Basic and then ultimate boot camp on Thursday. During those sessions, I squatted, did many push ups and minutes of jump roping. This cross training can be very ideal for strengthening certain muscles and as a welcome? break from the repetition of running, but for me - it is not a good enough replacement. (The only replacement I enjoy, really, is road biking or spin class). Today, I was nervous when I took my first strides towards the trails. Will my leg hurt again? What if I worsen the strain? (My diagnosis on Wednesday was a mildly torn/strained hamstring)

The distance was probably longer than would have been advised (over 5 miles), but the cadence was slow, and there were some breaks, so Grendel could drink and take a dip. The views were lovely: Dogwoods blooming, and the landscape was painted green (we have had a significant amount of rain).

An hour or so post-run - leg still not sore... Will give another report tomorrow...

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